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There's a small town just 20 minutes from Dallas known for its long-stretching vineyards and wine tastings. It's called Grapevine, named after — you guessed it — the Grape Vine Prairie, and it's the heart of the Texas wine industry.

The city helps make the Lone Star State the fifth-largest wine producer in the country, according to the town's website. So, you bet the area is giving a "western-meets-vintage" vibe.

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If you've been hunting properties for a stayacation with your besties, this Texas home might just end your search.

Just outside of downtown Dallas is this radiant two-bedroom Airbnb, with its interiors decked out in vibrant colors from floor to ceiling.

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These days traveling by plane to anywhere seems like a nightmare as recent flights all over the world, including Texas, have been delayed or canceled.

Fortunately for Texans, you don't need to spend money on an expensive plane ticket or hop on an international flight to find unique surroundings to explore.

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Texans can't seem to get enough of the gorgeous beaches, yummy food, and all-around good vibes of Mexico.

If you've been wanting to get away, you're in luck because there's actually a cheap, roundtrip Southwest Airlines flight deal you can book for this August from Dallas to the popular Mexican city costing only $270 after fees.

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There's a system of underground tunnels in Dallas called the Dallas Pedestrian Network, and you can walk the eerie, liminal halls that lurk underneath downtown.

They're a bit difficult to stumble upon, so unless you're a local, you've probably never heard of the walkway system. The tunnels, as locals refer to them, connect over 36 city blocks and extend to about three miles underneath the heart of the city.

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