6 Romantic Destinations In Florida For A Spontaneous Summer Getaway With Your S/O

Flood you IG feed with sunset pics. 🏖🌞

It's hard to talk about amazing summer vacations without mentioning the state of Florida as it offers some of the most pristine beaches in the country.

This list will show you some of the most romantic spots in the Sunshine State to help you plan a magical summer getaway — and yes, the majority of them are beachside so be sure to pack your swimsuit and towel. 

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You Can Explore This Japanese Fairytail Gardens For Just $15

A taste of Japan in South Florida!🌺

Florida gardens are a calming oasis from the grind of urban life. There are numerous such gardens spread all over the Sunshine State. One of the most magical is the Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens near Miami.

The gardens bring a taste of Japan to South Florida. Most of the exhibits at the museum and gardens tells the fascinating story of not only Japan, but it's culture.

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You Can Wander This Hidden Urban Jungle In The Middle Of Miami

A breath of fresh, wild air in the city!🍃

Miami’s lofty skyscrapers and stunning beaches attract people from all over the globe. But it’s a certain kind of personality that can strut the bustling streets all day, and for those who need a break from the crowds, there’s the Miami hidden gem of Midtown Garden Center.

This urban jungle is tucked away between towering buildings and noisy streets and gives nature lovers a breath of fresh wild air in the middle of the city. You can wander the lush aisles of greenery, and maybe even come home with a new plant baby, or five!

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This Hidden Florida Keys Gem Is A Bohemian Dream

Wander through tropical ferns, woven wonders, and local gems.🌈

The Sunshine State is full of hidden hippie treasures, from charming eateries to entire groovy towns. If you’re looking for colorful, whimsical, and out-of-this-world adorable, Florida has plenty to offer. In the Florida Keys, you’ll find one hidden hippie spot, Boo Kee Sue Botanics, tucked away between the palms.

Boo Kee Sue Botanics is an open-air boutique in Islamorada full of handmade treasures. From woven baskets to flowering fronds and sparkling crystals, you’ll find all kinds of bohemian gems here.

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This Florida Beach Has Stunning Vistas And Hidden Sea Coves

A whole different kind of beach day!🌊

The Sunshine State is home to some of the country's most diverse coastlines. From sandy, flat beaches to moody oceanfronts, you will be amazed at what Florida's miles of beaches can offer. One Florida Beach Ross Witham Beach in South Florida is one of the most dramatic of them all.

Located in Martin County, Ross Witham Beach has a moody outcropping that has produced hidden sea coves and caves for you to explore.

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This Florida State Park Has A Secret 'Mountain' That'll Give You Incredible Views

Climb to the peak of Florida's secret mountain!⛰️

When you think of Florida's natural terrain, the word "mountain" doesn't normally come to mind. The Sunshine State is generally flat, but it does have hilly expanses and even some sky-high sights. One Florida state park even has a secret mountain that'll give you incredible views.

The "mountain" is part of Jonathan Dickinson State Park just up the road from South Florida's urban sprawl. As a central feature of the park, it draws in visitors to make the ascent to the summit.

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