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This small town in Alberta comes alive during the holiday season, with sparkling lights at every turn, events throughout the month, and a stunning backdrop to top it all off.

Tucked away in the Canadian Rockies sits this picturesque town, Banff, which draws in tourists any time of year but becomes truly magical when it's bursting with festive vibes.

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A small town in Alberta packs a whole lot of Star Trek references into its borders, from its name to the replica of a Starship Enterprise there to greet you.

The town of Vulcan is actually Canada's official Star Trek Captial, drawing in visitors over the years thanks to its Trekkie relation. The Alberta small town has leaned into the title, although its name was actually a coincidence.

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There are a lot of cool landscapes to explore in Alberta, from rocky mountain ridges to flat prairie lands, but this spot will make you feel you're walking on another planet altogether.

Red Rock Coulee Natural Area in Alberta has a barren-looking terrain, speckled with massive red-coloured boulders. These huge round sandstone boulders have actually eroded from bedrock, and some are as big as 2.5 meters in diameter, according to the Medicine Hat website.

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There's nothing like cozying up in a cabin with the fire roaring beside you as the snow lightly falls outside your window. There are tons of cabins in Alberta, nestled in the mountains, that are the perfect way to make that dream become a reality.

These Alberta Airbnbs look like they're out of a storybook, or a Hallmark movie, making them the ideal winter destination. While it's not always easy to leave your house during the chilly season, these spots make it tempting. From rustic cabins tucked away in lush forests to luxurious retreats with hot tubs and saunas — you can wind down in these cabins and make the most out of the season.

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The now-well-known "Alberta is Calling" campaign might have actually done the trick, because Canadians are looking to move to Calgary over any other Canadian city, a recent study revealed.

While most think of the Canadian hubs of Toronto and Vancouver as the popular relocation spots for Canadians, Alberta seems to be drawing interest.

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