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moving to calgary

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I've lived in Canada for over a year now, and in that time I've gained a newfound appreciation for the Great White North.

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Moving to a new city can be scary, but it definitely helps when other people are able to share their experiences of moving. This couple recently moved to Calgary from Toronto and they've been sharing all the reasons behind their decision to move on TikTok.

The couple – Umar and Atefah Khan – documented their move from Toronto to Calgary on TikTok earlier this year and since then they've been sharing tons of stunning videos that really show why Alberta is a great place to be.

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Alberta's Premier Jason Kenney has just launched a new campaign to encourage workers in Toronto and Vancouver to move to Alberta instead.

According to the Alberta government, the campaign – named "Alberta Is Calling" – aims to encourage "skilled, educated and motivated talent" to move to Alberta instead, citing reasons like better wages, fewer taxes and more affordable housing.

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A Reddit user from the U.S. asked Calgary locals for their thoughts on the city, so they could prepare for their upcoming move.

The person who posted said that they wanted to move their family from Salt Lake City, Utah, because of "the overall political situation" in America, but needed to know how their new Canadian home compares. Luckily Calgarians came in hot with some honest advice.

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A Redditor sparked a debate online when they apologized to the city of Calgary after moving to Ottawa. They said they 'never should have left,' in what looks like a love letter addressed to Calgary (sprinkled with a little bit of spite for Ottawa).

In the Reddit post, the user (u/auniqueusername1-9) said they were born in Ottawa, moved to Calgary at a young age and had recently moved back to the capital city, where they'd gained a "new perspective" on the living situation.

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