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things to do in calgary

Alberta has its fair share of weird landmarks but the latest addition to one small town goes out to all the snackers out there.

TikTok is already loving the brand-new landmark that popped up in the province, and it's dedicated to the cheesiest of all snack foods, Cheetos.

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Fall is finally here but if you're well and truly on a budget after summer, there are a ton of activities to do in the province that are super cheap but will still give you all those fall vibes.

From corn mazes to botanical gardens, these activities will cost you less than $15 and they'll keep you entertained for hours.

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A brand-new dining experience is coming to Calgary and while many strive for amazing service, this spot is taking a completely different approach.

Pop-up restaurant, Karen's Diner, has travelled all over the world and it's now heading to the city in November. Get ready, because great food and "awful service" are guaranteed.

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Harry Potter fans are in for a magically good time this year, with tons of wizardly events popping up all across Canada.

There are so many experiences and events around the country where witches, wizards and muggles can unite.

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Calgary Zoo is giving guests the opportunity to see the zoo in a whole new light and you'll get the full VIP treatment.

It's time to dig out your best "zoo chic" outfit as the zoo is hosting its first-ever ZooLaLa event where you'll get behind-the-scenes access after hours and celebrate the zoo's conservation efforts.

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