This Alberta Swimming Spot Has Crystal Clear Water & You Can Hang Out By A Waterfall

You can't beat this!

Calgary Staff Writer
Someone sat by Castle Falls. Right: Castle Falls.

Someone sat by Castle Falls. Right: Castle Falls.

Alberta is filled with stunning swimming spots and lakes throughout the province, but this river is a hidden gem with plenty of room to splash around and it even has its very own waterfall.

Castle Falls can be found about 2.5 hours from Calgary, making it the perfect summer road trip for you and your friends whether you're heading for a day trip or a full weekend adventure.

The remote falls can be found in Castle Provincial Park in southern Alberta and the secluded spot also has its own campsite so you can wake up to the sound of a rushing waterfall.

Once you reach the picturesque falls, you can take a dip in the crystal clear waters surrounded by gorgeous forests or lounge on the surrounding rocks and take in the stunning scenery.

The water might be cold, but there's no better way to cool off on a sunny day than jumping in.

If you're looking for the ultimate dreamy summer escape, you can book a night or two at the Castle Falls campsite for $26 per night. You'll be completely off the grid but who needs wifi with views like these?

Pack up the car with your bathing suits, picnics and camping supplies as Castle Falls should be a must-visit on your list this summer.

If you're looking for somewhere more local to Calgary, you can visit a stunning turquoise lake in Kananaskis is just over an hour away from the city or you could even head to one of the Calgary beaches.

Castle Falls

Price: Campsites cost $26 per night.

Address: Castle Provincial Park, AB

Why You Need To Go: This stunning swimming spot is a must-see and you can even camp for the night and wake up to the sound of a waterfall this summer.


Charlie Hart
Calgary Staff Writer
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