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banff lakes

As much as we'd like to pretend otherwise, fall is just around the corner and there's just a few short months until the dreaded snow arrives. But until then, there's still some time to enjoy a lot of Alberta's most beautiful hikes and make the most of those remaining summer days.

While it's definitely possible to hike in winter, there are some trails and areas that get closed off for the colder months meaning a lot of these stunning views won't be around to see in person until 2023.

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There's no shortage of incredible Alberta lakes to dip your toes in this summer, but this one is definitely less known and has some of the most stunning scenery around.

Johnson Lake can be found just a few minutes' drive from Banff town and the best part is it tends to pretty quiet compared to some of Banff's more famous lakes.

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Things are finally heating up in Alberta and if you're looking for the perfect swimming spot to cool off, the province has some beautiful lakes that are well worth the trip.

These spots have water in incredible shades of green and blue and epic mountain views that are out of this world. You can make the most of the day and take a picnic too.

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Alberta is filled with stunning swimming spots and lakes throughout the province, but this river is a hidden gem with plenty of room to splash around and it even has its very own waterfall.

Castle Falls can be found about 2.5 hours from Calgary, making it the perfect summer road trip for you and your friends whether you're heading for a day trip or a full weekend adventure.

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Alberta is well-known for having some of the most stunning lakes in the world, but this lake has the most amazing views and it really has to be seen in order to believe it exists.

Horseshoe Lake, which can be found along Icefields Parkway in Jasper, is the perfect stop on your Rockies road trip, and you'll be able to take a break and a dip in its stunning turquoise waters with picturesque views at every turn.

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