I Went To The Small Town In Alberta From 'The Last Of Us' & It's My Favourite Place (PHOTOS)

I'd take Canmore over Banff any day!

Calgary Staff Writer
Someone in Canmore, Alberta. Right: Sunset in Canmore.

Someone in Canmore, Alberta. Right: Sunset in Canmore.

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Most Albertans watching The Last Of Us have been eagerly waiting for places we recognize to pop up on screen.

One small town in Alberta recently featured in a whole episode and it's also received some major shoutouts from the cast too.

Canmore, a small town right in the heart of the Rocky Mountains was in the hit HBO show's sixth episode, doubling up as Jackson, Wyoming.

Stars of the show, Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey also gave the town high praise, saying it was the favourite place they visited while filming, and I have to agree!

I've been to Canmore quite a few times at this point and its hands down my favourite place in the province. I would absolutely recommend visiting Canmore over Banff any time.

Here's why I join Pascal and Ramsey in thinking that Canmore is the best place in Alberta.

The scenery

This is a given because of it's location but the views here just really hit differently. Whether you're visiting on a clear winter or summer day, you'll be treated to stunning mountain scenery with views of the Three Sisters mountain range and so much more.

I love heading out on the Policeman's Creek boardwalk because it feels so peaceful far out of town, even though it's literally right there.

It has the cutest shops, cafes and restaurants

For such a small town, Canmore has a ton of adorable shops and cafes to explore. While some are pretty touristy, there's also lots of cute jewelry, homewares and clothes to browse. As well as Pascal's favourite fudge!

It's also home to a lot of incredible restaurants, breweries and cafes too. My top picks are The Grizzly Paw for beers and delicious food, Eclipse Coffee Roasters for a great latte or the Rocky Mountain Bagel Company which does some of the best bagels around.

It's not as busy as Banff

Ok, so hear me out when I say Canmore is a busy spot. I mean, just look at the scenery. But in comparison to Banff town, it's never felt quite as chaotic when I've visited.

in peak summer, a lot of the streets are pedestrianized so there's plenty of room to walk around and lots of the restaurants and bars extend their seating outside so you can take in all that scenery too.

It's close to visit from the city

There's not a huge difference in time to drive to Canmore and Banff, but Canmore is just that bit closer so it's perfect for a day trip or a weekend away regardless of the time of year.

Staying in Canmore also makes it so much easier to explore Kananaskis and all the incredible mountains and lakes it has to offer.

Charlie Hart
Calgary Staff Writer
Charlie Hart is a Staff Writer for Narcity Canada's Western Desk focused on Alberta news and is based in Calgary, Alberta.
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