6 Hidden Waterfalls In Alberta That Are Surrounded By The Most Spectacular Scenery

You should definitely go chasing these waterfalls. 🚗

A woman at the bottom of Crescent Falls. Right: A woman at Mistaya Canyon.

A woman at the bottom of Crescent Falls. Right: A woman at Mistaya Canyon.

One of the most amazing things about Alberta is just how beautiful some of the scenery is and how close it is to Edmonton and Calgary.

Alberta also has some of the most beautiful waterfalls in the country, some of which are less than a two-hour drive from Calgary.

If you’re planning your next road trip this summer, or even just want a quick day trip to some stunning resorts with spectacular scenery, these are some of Alberta’s best waterfalls.

Crescent Falls

Address: Crescent Falls Provincial Recreation Area, Clearwater County, AB

Why You Should Go: It’s a steep hike down to the bottom but Crescent Falls is just so stunning that it’s worth it. Even if you stick to the top, it’s amazing to see these impressive falls up close.


Maligne Canyon

Address: Maligne Lake Road, Jasper, AB.

Why You Should Go: Maligne is the deepest canyon in Jasper but it also has some of the most gorgeous scenery around. There are up to six bridges on a hike that takes you right through the canyon but the third bridge has the most stunning waterfall views.


Johnston Canyon

Address: Bow Valley Pkwy, AB

Why You Should Go: Johnston Canyon is one of Alberta’s most popular hiking areas and it's for a good reason. Short hikes take you to both the upper and lower falls and they’re both pretty stunning.


Sheep River Falls

Address: Kananaskis Improvement District, AB

Why You Should Go: With just a short drive into Kananaskis, Sheep River Falls is definitely worth a visit. There’s a ton of wildlife to see on your way to the falls and a stunning view of Mount Hoffman.


Mistaya Canyon

Address: Icefields Pkwy, AB

Why You Should Go: This waterfall is the perfect stop if you’re driving between Banff and Jasper. It’s a super short hike and you’ll get to see how the river has naturally carved through the rock.


Lundbreck Falls

Address: Near Pincher Creek, AB.

Why You Should Go: You don’t even need to leave your car to see this beautiful waterfall as it’s just a few short steps from the parking lot to the falls, but it’s definitely worth it. You can watch the Crowsnest River plunge into the pool below and feel the mist on your face.


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