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Alberta is known for its spectacular scenery and it has some of the most gorgeous waterfalls in the world, especially in the fall.

Nestled in the mountains, there are tons of incredible waterfalls to explore where you can take in the fall colours.

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If you're looking for a new place to explore this fall, you'll want to add these mesmerizing waterfalls in B.C. to your autumn bucket list.

These gorgeous waterfalls are surrounded by autumn colours and as a bonus, one of them even looks like a mini Niagara Falls.

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Summer means it's time for adventures and these hidden waterfall hikes in Canada are perfect if you want to escape the city. Take a trip to lesser-known falls and cascades hidden in canyons and gorges with these treks that are off the beaten track.

Many of these are easy trails that you don't need to set aside too much time for, but each has a big payoff with a stunning waterfall.

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The hikes to these eight waterfalls in Tennessee will not only lead you to places to cool down, but they'll also give you one heck of an adventure. And the best part? You can actually explore them without breaking the bank!

One thing people might not know about Tennessee is that its 56 state parks offer free admission, and some might even basically be in your own backyard. Along with wow-worthy waterfalls, you'll find miles of hiking trails, mountain views, and lush landscapes to explore.

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The first warm breeze of spring means that it's time to start planning adventures with friends and family — and Quebec has plenty to offer.

From hiking the cliffs alongside the Saint-Laurent River to exploring the historic architecture of Quebec City, you can be surrounded by breathtaking scenery no matter where you go in the province.

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