Calgary Was Ranked The Healthiest City In Canada & It's On These 7 'Fundamental' Factors

Sorry, Toronto!

Someone jogging across a bridge in Calgary.

Someone jogging across a bridge in Calgary.

Calgary has been found to be the healthiest city in Canada, with the city's huge number of sunlight hours playing a role in its status, according to a new study.

Cities and countries around the world were ranked by, according to "seven fundamental factors" including obesity levels, life expectancy, pollution levels, health care, safety, crime rates and sunlight hours.

According to the study, Calgary takes top place in the ranking of Canadian cities. One of the reasons for it reaching the top spot was the city scored the lowest for pollution levels in Canada.

It also has the highest number of sunlight hours of any city in Canada with a huge 2,396 hours. These factors also contributed to Cowtown being ranked as the 34th healthiest city in the world.

Vancouver was second, scoring well for their pollution levels, health care and life expectancy.

Edmonton took the third spot in Canada and scored really well for health care, coming in 10th overall in the world for that category.

Overall, Canada was ranked as the 13th healthiest country in the world. It came joint-third for the highest life expectancy at 82 years old and ranked fourth highest for its air quality.

The healthiest country was found to be Japan, followed by Switzerland and Cuba. Meanwhile, the healthiest cities in the world were found to be Valencia, Spain, followed by Madrid, Spain and Canberra, Australia.

Charlie Hart
Charlie Hart was a Travel Creator for Narcity Media focused on Canadian and global travel and is based in Calgary, Alberta.