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4 Of The 'World’s Most Picturesque Running Cities' Can Be Found Right Here In Canada

Time to dig out those runners.

Someone running in Calgary.

Someone running in Calgary.


Calgary was recently named Canada's healthiest city, but it looks like Cowtown has another claim to fame as a new ranking has declared it one of the most picturesque running cities in the world.

A ranking by SportsShoes looked at the number of Instagram photos posted by runners from over 600 cities under the hashtag "run" with the city name to find the most Instagrammable spots in the world.

Calgary came in 10th place on the world ranking, with Calgarians sharing 26,852 snaps of their beautiful city — from its green and lush parks to riverside runs.

Ottawa was the second Canadian city to place on the list at 11, with 26,161 photos, while Toronto came in at number 13 with 22,966 pictures. Vancouver took the 20th spot with 14,184 running photos posted to Instagram.

If you're looking for some top running routes further afield, the top city in the world for running photos was London with 96,414 photos shared, followed by Chicago and Boston in the U.S., with 56,963 photos and 54,609, respectively.

Calgary was also ranked as the sixth most picturesque running city in North America, followed by Ottawa in seventh, Toronto in ninth place and Vancouver coming in at 14.

It's not hard to see why so many runners are sharing photos of Calgary. The city is packed with incredible spots to get outside and take in the fresh air. From running alongside the Bow River to the open fields of Nose Creek, there are some stunning places to explore on foot.

Runners in the city can also take advantage of some of the most scenic trails in the Canadian Rockies, so they're really spoiled for choice.

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