7 Ghosts That Are Local Celebrities In Savannah & Where To Find Them (VIDEOS)

Visitors had encounters with these ghosts, and we're officially spooked! 😱

An archway of live oaks looming over Wormsloe Historic Site. Right: A statue of a woman at a tomb in Bonaventure Cemetery.
Georgia Contributing Writer

An archway of live oaks looming over Wormsloe Historic Site. Right: A statue of a woman at a tomb in Bonaventure Cemetery.

Savannah, Georgia, has long been considered the most haunted city in the entire country. Some people visit the Hostess City of the South in search of historic monuments, a blossoming food scene and tranquil beaches.

For others, Savannah is the perfect destination to hunt for a paranormal encounter. Visitors can unlock the secrets to the city's most frightful hotspots by taking a closer look at local paranormal beliefs.

True locals will recognize names on this list as legends whose stories have been passed around for decades. Lucky for you, we know just where to find them, if you're brave enough.

Alice Riley — Wright Square

Alice Riley is famous for being the first woman to be hung in Georgia, as well as classified as a murderer, in 1735. She came to the city as an indentured servant and was found guilty of the murder of William Wise, the farmer for which she was working. She has been reported to be frantically running around the square asking frightened visitors for help.

Address: Wright Square, Savannah, GA

Gracie Watson — Johnson Square

Gracie Watson's burial site in Bonaventure cemetery has been recognized as one of the most visited graves in the U.S., but apparently, her ghost prefers the spaces she occupied during her short life.

Gracie's parents owned an opulent hotel on Johnson Square in the late 1800s. The town was heartbroken when she suddenly died of pneumonia at the age of six. Gracie has been reported to be playing around Johnson Square in a little white dress.

Address: Johnson Square, Savannah, GA

Toby — Moon River Brewing Company's Basement

The Moon River Brewing Company building is over 200 years old with an extensive history of horrors. Renovations had to be halted for a spell in the 1970s due to ghostly activity.

Toby is a well-known shadow spirit who lurks in the downstairs billiard room of the operating restaurant. Long-time employee Chris Lewis told Savannah Morning News: "Toby is known to breeze past you or even push you out of the way. We don't know why he's here, but he likes to play tricks on people."

Address: 21 W. Bay St., Savannah, GA

Anna — Room 204 of 17 Hundred 90 Inn

Anna is one of the most talked-about ghosts in town, possibly due to the fake mannequin positioned in an upstairs window designed to spook tourists.

Folklore suggests that a heartbroken young woman named Anna threw herself out a third-story window as the sailor she was in love with sailed away. Guests report strange activity in Room 204 of the Inn.

Address: 307 E. President St., Savannah, GA

James Habersham — The Olde Pink House

The Olde Pink House has been recognized as the most haunted spot in the country, and some speculate its original owner, James Habersham, never left. His ghost has been spotted fussing with table cloths in the dining room and watching guests in colonial garb.

Use caution when visiting here, as some reviewer have experienced issues with being mysteriously locked in the women's restroom.

Address: 23 Abercorn St., Savannah, GA

They Kehoe Twins — The Kehoe House


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This former funeral home is famous for being the residence of the Kehoe family. Though no record proves that any of the 10 Kehoe children were twins, local legend has it they died in the house, and identical spirits roam the halls today. The Kehoe house currently operates as an adult-only bed and breakfast.

"As for the house being haunted, you take that with a grain of salt until you stay here and you're lying in bed to go to sleep and you hear children running around upstairs," says one reviewer. "No children stay here. My husband and I both heard it!"

Address: 123 Habersham St., Savannah, GA

Before you get going, check out our Responsible Travel Guide so you can be informed, be safe, be smart, and most of all, be respectful on your adventure.

Maeve Browne
Georgia Contributing Writer
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