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18 fun things to do in toronto this weekend

It's finally Friday Toronto and you know what that means! It's time to party, be social, and brunch it up. If that's not your thing why not try something new with a workshop or dance party.

Don't have a lame weekend of Netflix and chill when you can hang out with your friends instead! Even though January is dreary get outside and learn something new. It may help you get out of your January funk!

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The weekend is finally here! You know the post-holiday work week is always a long and tedious one but that doesn't mean you need to stay in this weekend.

We all know that a new year means resolutions. There are 18 different options here so that anyone can try something fun to do in the city to create some kick ass 2017 memories. Take an opportunity to grab some friends and have a night (or day) on the town to get the year started.

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