Friendly neighbors, safe streets, excellent schools, and quieter regions near bustling cities are all qualities some of the best small towns in America share in common. To find the best small towns to live in across America, Stacker referenced Niche's Best Places to Live study, released in August 2021, which ranked American towns by overall quality of life. The variables used by Niche include cost of living, health and fitness, and weather. Any town with more than 40,000 people was excluded.

The top cities on this list run the gamut from long-established villages in the suburbs of New York City to planned communities in Virginia and Texas. They feature stops on the Underground Railroad, buildings on the National Register of Historic Places, and community traditions—apple festivals, communal gardens, ice cream socials, and harvest markets—reflecting their roots as farming towns.

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It was a busy weekend for Toronto police, who enforced Ontario's new stay-at-home order by breaking up large gatherings across the city. 

According to Matthew Pegg, Toronto fire chief and general manager of the City’s Office of Emergency Management, the TPS issued 41 charges this weekend because of large gatherings on private property.

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The Government of Canada is warning passengers who arrived in Toronto during the past two weeks that they might have been exposed to COVID-19.

There are 41 instances of confirmed COVID-19 cases onboard Toronto flights listed on the Government of Canada website, starting November 23 and continuing up until the most recent flight on December 4.

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