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It sounds like Adele's been going easy on us for all these years, because she just revealed that everyone pronounces her name wrong and she hasn't had the heart to correct it.

The award-winning singer admitted that most people get her name wrong during a Q&A session with fans in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

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If you were hoping to get your hands on a pair of tickets to Adele’s Las Vegas residency for opening night, then you'd better have more than a few grand lying around in your bank account.

The singer announced on Monday that her postponed residency at Caesar's Palace has finally been rescheduled, and tickets from her original dates will be honoured during her new run beginning in November.

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Adele is coming to Las Vegas. Again.

The U.K. songstress announced on Monday that she's finally ready to take up her residency at Caesar's Palace, after cancelling it one day before it was due to start in January.

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It’s the year 2022 and Gwen Stefani is once again being accused of ripping off another culture with her look — and this time, it’s all about dreadlocks.

Internet users have been putting Stefani on blast for the “dreadlocks” she seems to be wearing in Light My Fire, her latest video with Jamaican singer Sean Paul.

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Is that... is that Adele?

That was likely the question running through the crowd at a drag show in London on Thursday after the singer showed up unannounced and even did a pole dance on stage.

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