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If there is anything people look for when they get their randomly assigned airline seat, it's always if children or babies are in proximity. For obvious reasons, if a toddler gets fussy, the passenger wants a peaceful flight, which prompted researchers to look at how many Americans would actually want an adult-only fare.

To their surprise, it was a whole lot!

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Many of us look back on our childhoods fondly, especially if it was filled with books and movies that involved magic. Now, an opportunity in San Antonio awaits where adults can spend the entire evening finding dragons, unicorns and mermaids all while sipping on cocktails. That's right, our favorite San Antonio museum's adult-only night is back, and this time it's all about mythic creatures!

The Witte Museum in San Antonio is hosting a Cocktails and Culture night, Mythic-Con style. 

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Oh LEGOLAND, where all our lego dreams become reality. While most days it is filled with children exploring and getting creative with their imaginations, on October 25 it's your turn because they are hosting an adults-only night at their Grapevine location. Though they host quite a few of those, this one might be quite frightening but exciting.

As Halloween approches, why not kickstart the festivities at LEGOLAND's murder mystery night. Tickets to the event are just $15, and visitors (or shall we say participants) will get a chance to put on their best detective hat. Like many of their other lego nights, you will get to run around letting your inner child have as much fun as your heart desires.  

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