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Global flight cancellations have made air travel extremely annoying in 2022, but that doesn't mean you have to hang around the airport for hours the next time your trip gets delayed.

Although it's difficult to avoid air-travel issues altogether, there are a few little hacks you can use to find out if your flight is delayed before you ever leave for the airport.

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If you're wondering which carriers in Canada or around the world are the most punctual, a ranking of the best on-time airlines has dropped but no Canadian ones made the cut!

OAG, an organization that provides data on airports and airlines, released its Punctuality League report on January 19 which ranks the carriers around the world with the best on-time performance.

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Now that the details on Canada's vaccine passport have been revealed, Canadians can learn all about how proving their vaccination status will work when they're travelling through airports.

During an announcement about the new standardized, national certificates, Justin Trudeau explained that his government has worked closely with airlines to ensure that the process is "as seamless and easy" as possible.

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It's been revealed that all tourists will be able to get Alaska's COVID-19 vaccines starting this summer.

Governor Mike Dunleavy made the announcement and shared details about the initiative, which will allow anybody coming into the state to get a vaccine dose for free if they want it.

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Following a new update to the country’s travel rules, Canada’s international flight restrictions apply everywhere except for one unique spot.

On January 29, the federal government announced that all international flights would have to land in one of just four Canadian airports, starting on January 31, 2021.

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