The weather's getting cold fast and so are your hands, so you might want to start curling them around a warm drink. Here are nine places you can warm your fingers and your soul with hot cider in Toronto this winter. 

From cocktail bars with heated patios to coffee shops with  drinks to go, tons of places are starting to get into the spirit of the season with warm apple cider. 

You can find spiked and virgin versions of warm apple goodness across the city, and here are the best options to check out.

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No baskets were needed when Toronto's Nitsan Raiter and her Chanel bag took a trip to the orchard.

The YouTube vlogger and Instagrammer shared photos of herself and her designer purse at Applewood Farm over the weekend.

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If you’ve been thinking about ways to make a little post-summer cash, look no further. There are plenty of jobs in Canada that are hiring for the upcoming season and some will pay you to do fun fall activities like apple picking. It’s a seasonal side hustle like no other!

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Sweater weather is finally here, and it's time to partake in all the fall activities you look forward to all year. BelleWood Farms in Lynden, Washington, has all the autumn feels. You can go apple picking, pick out a pumpkin, indulge in some delicious donuts, and sip boozy cider slushies. 

BelleWood Farms is the perfect place to embrace the season.

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Let's be real, brunch is always top priority. I mean come on, when are you not thinking about brunch? And what goes the best with brunch? Mimosas, duh.

There's something about summer that just makes you want to drown your lungs in that crisp orange bubbly juice. Now that its fall, you still feel the same way. But we've got something even better: Caramel Apple Mimosas. Yes, I repeat: CARAMEL APPLE MIMOSAS. The best part is, they're stupid easy to make.

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