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aurora borealis

If you want a chance at spotting the northern lights in Vancouver, or somewhere else in B.C., you might be able to make it happen on October 5 and 6!

The northern lights forecast says that the aurora borealis is expected to be visible across most of Canada this week, giving British Columbians the chance at catching a glimpse of the stunning lights.

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Keep your eyes on the skies because the northern lights could dip south and be visible across almost all of Canada!

If you've ever wanted to see the aurora borealis but don't live far north enough to catch a glimpse, the northern lights forecast for the next couple of days is looking promising for most of the country.

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This weekend the northern lights in Canada were shining, and people in B.C. are no strangers to the incredible force of nature.

The geomagnetic storm activity that strengthened the aurora borealis had locals in a Reddit thread sharing all of the best spots to go and view them. From small towns in B.C. to a quick drive from Vancouver, locals came through with some great suggestions.

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You could see the northern lights in Canada this weekend, even as far south of Toronto, because geomagnetic storm activity could strengthen the aurora borealis.

"A combination of impacts from solar activity" could give all of Canada the chance to see the northern lights across the sky "in the nights ahead," The Weather Network said on August 18.

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There's a chance to see the magical display that is the northern lights this week — and the best place to see it is in B.C. and Alberta.

According to The Weather Network, a "G3," or strong, geomagnetic storm will hit overnight into Thursday, March 31, and it can be seen as far south as the U.S. border.

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