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Jennifer Lopez waited two decades after their initial engagement in 2002 to finally marry Ben Affleck, so you can't blame her for wearing more than one wedding dress on her big day.

JLo and Affleck had a grand wedding ceremony for friends and family in Georgia on Saturday, and she just revealed a first look at the "dreamy" dresses she wore for the occasion.

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How do you top Joker, a super-dark Batman spinoff that won Academy Awards and raked it in at the box office?

You add Lady Gaga to the sequel, of course. And you let her sing.

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Gotham City is infamous for its high crime rate, and it seems to be seeping into a close-by Ontario city called Hamilton.

Hamilton Police reported that a "Black 1979 Cadillac Fleetwood with fake Gotham City plates" was stolen last week after being delivered for a "Batman-related" production, and they're asking for the public's help to find it.

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Cineplex is selling tickets for under $3 across B.C. and Alberta this month and there are 24 theatres that you can grab a cheap movie.

The Cineplex Family Favourites are happening every day through March at 11 a.m. at select movie theatres, listed below.

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Robert Pattinson might be better a better actor than many are giving him credit for.

In a recent interview for the March issue of GQ magazine, the Twilight and Harry Potter actor admitted that he's been lying about himself in interviews for years, just to say "anything at all."

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