Newcomers to Canada have a lot to learn about the cold winter in the Great White North, and everything from choosing the proper winter boots to picking the right jacket can be overwhelming. But once the initial shock is over, gloomy months don't have to be daunting.

There are many things to do and see in Canada from December to March that make the season more enjoyable. During Canada's festive season, Christmas trees are lit up, Starbucks' holiday menu is in full force, and the holiday jingles are played on repeat.

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Here's the thing about Nutella, once you've tasted it and fallen in love with it, it's hard to find anything at a Canadian grocery store to beat it.

Hi, my name is Mira and I'm madly in love with Nutella. The creamy hazelnut chocolate spread is found in my kitchen all year round. Some might see that as a problem, but I see it as my little jar from heaven.

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After trying out poutine for the first time, a self-described "Ukrainian refugee exploring Canada life" recently sunk his teeth into another Canadian delicacy: BeaverTails.

Semion, who runs the popular TikTok account @newcanadians, documented the whole experience for his audience.

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