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If you live in a country with a team at the World Cup, then Budweiser just gave you another reason to cheer on your squad.

The beer maker says it's come up with a new plan for the huge stockpile of beer that it sent to Qatar after the country suddenly banned the sale of alcohol in stadiums ahead of the big FIFA tournament.

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When you think about the start of fall, what do you think of? Typically, it’s pumpkin spice, flannels and all of the fun activities that only make sense when you feel that chill in the air, like bonfires, apple picking and cracking open a cold one.

During this transitional time of year, almost everyone has their go-to drink that they love to sip on. And while some may be satisfied with just a beer or cider, there's a certain bevvy you might have overlooked that pairs perfectly with falling leaves.

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Sometimes ignorance is bliss, especially when it comes to ordering a drink at a restaurant or bar.

One longtime bar server on TikTok just chose violence by sharing her top tips for ordering a drink when you go out, and some of her revelations will absolutely make you think twice about ordering a round.

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For motorsports fans around the country, nothing gets hearts racing like the Canadian Grand Prix*, which kicks off in Montreal today. And this summer, Heineken is giving Formula 1 devotees the chance to win a one-of-a-kind prize that will make this year’s Grand Prix circuit one for the books.

While the track is what most people see, F1 races are won by the genius, skill and comradery of the team in the pit, working like a well-oiled machine with the driver and vehicle to achieve victory.

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Before the WFH life took over, your space was probably your go-to for resting, relaxing and hosting loved ones. But since your dining table started doubling as your desk, it may no longer feel like somewhere you can truly disconnect.

That’s why Belgian Moon is encouraging you to reclaim your space and make your house a home again by creating a new six-pack unlike any other.

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