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With the weather starting to cool down, everyone is on a mission to remain as warm as possible. Cooler days mean scarfs, big sweaters, cute boots and of course, hot drinks. Nothing like the perfect hot drink to warm you right up on a chilly day. Each sip is like a warm hug...very much needed warm hug.

The drawback is that literally everywhere you turn it's all about the PSL, and like many, I am sure you are SO over it. People forget that their is so much more to fall drinks than the PSL. Here is a reminder to all those out there who are in search of a warm drink that has NOTHING to do with pumpkin spice!

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The funkiest most fun adventures come when you step out of your comfort zone- and food is no exception! Toronto brings together food from around the world, some might be considered quite strange, but once you've eaten them, you're in for a treat!

These foods can be found in Toronto, and are quite different than anything you have ever tried. Some simply have a twist to the classics, making them just as strange!

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Choosing between having a social life or being a a good student and studying is a daunting decision, especially when you're in a city like Toronto. This city is a social life paradise, so it's understandable that it can take a toll when you want to be a good student too.

That being said, Toronto has amazing spots that allow for you to be the social butterfly that you are, and still be on top of your studies. The list below has the perfect places for you to study, but still ace your social life, because in a city like Toronto, any spot can become a social gathering!

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Having trouble trying to figure out your plans for this weekend? Well not anymore! Close the Netflix and maybe postpone the picnic at Stanley Park for the moment. This weekend, on July 29th and 30th, BC's biggest Carribean festival is returning to Vancouver! 

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Toronto has some pretty amazing restaurants. We've got tons of cool cultures and niche restaurants that will surely ease your appetite. We've got places for Instagram foods, restaurants with waterfront views and more!

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