buc ees

When on a road trip, you always look out for the nicest-looking spot on the route that you think could offer the cleanest restrooms and the yummiest snack options.

Buc-ee's is just that and so much more for Texans and southerners blessed with the gas station and convenience store chain in their area. However, the famous roadside store goes beyond the regular fill stop, offering an array of painfully southern products that often shock visitors who aren't used to the Buc-ee's flair.

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Having a job with a good-paying salary and benefits that include lots of vacation days can be the perfect way to achieve a work-life balance.

A Texas gas station and convenience store chain is currently hiring for many positions across different Southern U.S. states, and many of these openings come with a salary of up to $225k/year.

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Buc-ee’s convenience stores are widely popular and visited throughout their different U.S. locations, especially in Texas. A lot of travelers usually make it a stop on their way to a new destination and swear by this place’s restrooms and food.

However, a Reddit user recently took it to the popular website and expressed his opinion on these locations, also known as travel centers, saying he considers the place as "way overhyped."

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