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A woman on TikTok just learned the difference between "all you can eat" and "all you should eat." And she did it the hard way.

Danielle Shapiro recently shared a TikTok video of herself feasting on more than 30 rolls of sushi and other items at a buffet, but things took a hard turn in her follow-up video.

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Sometimes all you can eat isn't really all you can eat.

A live-streamer with a big appetite found that out the hard way in China after a seafood grill banned him for eating way too much at the buffet.

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There are a ton of hidden gems in Ottawa. From restaurants to random waterfalls, Ottawa is a pretty secretive city. And this restaurant is definitely up there with the best. 

Eclipse Asian Cuisine, which is located in Gloucester, is the most amazing Asian buffet. Did I mention how cheap it is? Asian buffets in Ottawa are hard to find, besides the obvious Mandarin but we all know that restaurant is good. Eclipse Asian Cuisine has a cheap AF menu you can order off of as well, if you're not much of a buffet person like myself. 

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Buffets are not an acquired taste. Everyone loves buffets because the more food, the better. No matter what buffet or all you can eat restaurant you're at, you best believe you need to get your moneys worth. Or you'll be sneaking sushi rolls into your purse. You've done it too, don't lie!

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It's not hard to meet a vegan or vegetarian in Victoria. In fact, spotting a meat eater is more of a unicorn moment than meeting a non-meat eater on the island.

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