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Toronto is getting hot and sticky, and in case you're looking for a cheap way to cool off while enjoying the sun, then here are ten beaches deemed safe to swim at by Toronto Public Health (TPH).

The city is on its second day of a heat event, according to Environment Canada. Temperatures are expected to reach a high of "low to mid-thirties." So, if you find yourself sweating more than usual, it may be time to dig through your wardrobe for that swimsuit. Oh, and your sunscreen.

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With the amount of drinking and eating that gets done during what we endearingly call patio season, it’s important to balance it out with some activity. But what kind of fitness to do? Jogging? Crossfit? Weights? Hm. That might do it for some people, but what about rolling around in a plastic bubble? That might make for a more interesting way to break a sweat.

Here's a list of 10 unique physical activities we put together that won't just help shave off those pesky calories, but keep you stimulated, entertained, and provide you with stories to tell your friends at the bar.

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We've still got a little while before we hit Valentines Day, but every day should be a celebration of love. Especially when you live in a city like Toronto, which sometimes feels like it was made for the warm fuzzies of love. I know every romcom takes place in New York, but Toronto has all of the necessary qualities for being the best place to find that special someone. Don't believe me?

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Every once in a while, you'll want to go out and enjoy some spot in the city, like a restaurant or a bar, only to find that it's suddenly been overrun with tourists. And we all know what that means: lots of photo snapping, lots of spouting inaccurate "facts" about the place, and lots of asking for directions. It's the easiest way to ruin any location, and these are some spots in the city we hope it'll never happen to.

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