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Very few things compare to a Tim Hortons Iced Capp in the summer or a piping-hot double-double in the winter, but would you actually give up two days of your life to get those for free?

One Tim Hortons superfan just spent 40 hours camped outside the newest cafe in the United Kingdom, and he did it all to win a one-year supply of free drinks from the famous Canadian coffee chain.

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It feels like springtime year-round at this dreamy café that just opened near Toronto. The new venue is tucked away inside a flower shop, so you can breathe in a floral aroma while enjoying some treats.

Blossom Moments is a flower shop located in Hillcrest Mall in Richmond Hill. On August 5, the store added a café area where you can indulge in food and drinks.

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These past few years have been full of ups and downs, and the stress of it all has impacted many Canadians. But even with the (often scary) changes happening around the world every day, there’s still a lot of good stuff in life to help you through it all.

The world’s full of beautiful things, and companies like Van Houtte® — purveyor of one of life’s greatest pleasures: coffee — want to help you realize that. Narcity Canada polled its readers to find out the little things that help them stay positive during the hard times.

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The coffee culture in Toronto is huge, with new shops popping up regularly throughout the city. There are countless indie cafés with specialty brews, well-designed coffee hangouts and hole in the wall espresso bars. Explore Toronto's local spots and you'll never want to step into another Tim Hortons, Starbucks or McCafé again.

Here are nine Toronto coffee shops that are so beautiful you'll feel like you're in Europe.

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An ex-fast food worker on TikTok is spilling all the tea about tipping culture at restaurants, and it turns out those iPad prompts are just as embarrassing for staff as they are for customers.

The video came out just a few days after another viral clip about tipping, which mocked the Square payment app for putting people in an awkward spot at restaurants.

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