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Who would say no to a little help with their holiday shopping? After all, choosing gifts for all the precious people in your life can be a challenge — especially if you've got some picky people in your circle.

With Buffalo Jeans, you can stop racking your brain (or even going so far as busting out the old spreadsheet) in an attempt to please everyone.

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It's hard to keep up with today's Instagram-ready beauty standards, and that's why one U.K. model is winning a bunch of fans with her no-makeup approach to the Miss England pageant.

Melisa Raouf, a 20-year-old police student from the south of London, recently became the first contestant to go makeup-free in the 94-year history of the pageant, according to The Independent.

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If you're looking for a new place to live that's surrounded by outdoor activities but is still within arms reach of a major city, then listen up.

The United Counties of Stormont, Dundas, and Glengarry (SDG) are looking for that "special someone" to come live with them for 12 straight months — and they will pay you $1,500 a month to do so (that's $18,000 for the whole year).

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Between exciting drag shows and parades, there are so many fun ways to celebrate Pride this month.

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Whether you’re talking about your belly or your ride, fuelling up is important — especially now that it's summer and you're heading on some much-needed adventures.

It’s a time when things like relaxing and exploring should be on your mind, instead of tiresome worries about how much it’ll cost to fill up your car.

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