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For many millennials, getting paid to travel is the ultimate dream. Imagine journeying to the historic land of Bosnia, or the ancient ruins of Peru, or the balloon-dotted skies of Cappadocia, or famous beaches of the Philippines - and not having to worry about money or finances. Two millennials are currently living out that dream, and they're making six-figures to do so.

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Horoscopes have a bad rep for being cheesy clichés that are overly hyped up by tabloid magazines and love columnists... and for the most part, we agree. But then again, who doesn't want to be reassured that the man of the dreams may walk into their life around the 17th? Immediately flipping to the last few pages of Cosmo to indulge in your zodiac predictions is a guilty pleasure that almost every twenty-something girl shares. So this month we've decided to give Cosmo's astrological advise a Toronto translation to bring you the most relatable predictions possible.

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