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The excitement of meeting someone and starting to date can definitely be a fun experience. However, many dates don't necessarily go perfectly, and a New York native's dating story is the perfect example of awkwardness.

TikTok user Talisa (@talisa0913) recently shared her experience while having a first date with a man that, she says, made her feel uncomfortable.

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Being rejected by someone on a dating app is hard enough after putting yourself out there, but it's going to cut extra deep when it's your favorite celeb who is shooting you down.

TikToker Michelle Kutsanov decided to share her experience on the celebrity dating app Raya and rated how much each rejection from a celebrity stung on a scale of 10. Her videos are crushing and hilarious, so much so that she's turned them into a series.

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Cher is a 76-year-old international music icon and a woman who clearly does not care what people think about her dating choices.

The award-winning singer acknowledged this weekend that she's dating Alexander "AE" Edwards, a millennial who is 40 years her junior, and she had absolutely no f*cks to give when people questioned her about it online.

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When you're going on a date with a complete stranger, it's important to watch out for any red flags that come up.

One woman posted a video on TikTok about going on a first date with a guy she says made her split the bill, so you can imagine her shock when he later admitted that he earns $100,000 a year.

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After just one date, a French man in the U.S. has decided that American women are not for him, and TikTok had plenty to say about the issues that drove him to that conclusion.

Actor and TikToker Renan Pacheco decided to share his first date "disaster" with followers on the platform, and the hilarious video has already climbed over 18.3 million views.

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