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Considering that Toronto is ~somewhat~ of a film hub in Canada, there is surprisingly little celebrity action that goes on here...or so it seems. Because they're able to slide under the radar, many of us don't realize that a ton of celebrities have owned or currently own homes in our city.

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Toronto artist Deadmau5 was not too happy after seeing this year's line up for the Toronto Fringe Festival. On the schedule was a performance entitled "Deadmouse: the musical," which was set to run from July 3-11 with the following description:

"Deadmouse: The Musical is a comedy about a mouse who aspires to be a house DJ but is discriminated against for being a mouse. Joel Zimmermouse must team up with his best friend David Goudda and his flame, Cat, to overcome speciest discrimination and the mouse hating House DJ Avicheese . Not featuring the music of Deadmau5 . Book of Mormon meets Ratatouille." 

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Considering the always increasing popularity of reality television, we demand to know why there aren't more coming out of Toronto. There are tons of things happening in and around the city at all times that we know would kill in the ratings.

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Hello Toronto! The weekend is almost upon us and it's almost time to shed the stresses of the week and get out and let loose for the weekend! This is the first post in a weekly series that Narcity Toronto will be bringing to you every Wednesday that will keep you up to speed with everything going on over the weekend, so if you're like everybody else in Toronto and have been too busy keeping up with your work and school life to know what's going on then let us be your guide!

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Anyone who calls Toronto home has a lot to be proud of. Our beautiful city is boasting with culture, class, sophistication, intelligence and success. People from across Canada come here to pursue dreams and career goals but what about the tons of success stories that are born here? dayuuum do we have a lot of people to be proud of.

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