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Ryan Reynolds has responded to claims from Deadpool actor T.J. Miller that he was "horrifically mean" to him on set, with Miller saying it was all a misunderstanding.

It all started earlier in the week when Miller, who played Deadpool's friend Weasel in the 2016 film and 2018 sequel, appeared on the Adam Carolla Show where he recounted an awkward moment on set.

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If you have some unresolved trauma from watching Disney movies when you were younger, it seems Ryan Reynolds also feels your pain.

On Thursday, July 21, the Canadian actor posted a series of updated ratings for some of the classic films with his rationale on why they all deserve to be rated R.

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A young Avengers fan recently got a happy surprise from a bunch of celebs and it might be thanks to Ryan Reynolds.

After Ivan Hollingsworth tweeted out asking Marvel if they could arrange a message to be sent to his son, Seb, who was undergoing heart surgery, the internet did its thing and managed to snag the attention of the Canadian celeb.

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Ryan Reynolds shared a memory from his time filming Deadpool in Vancouver and explained how the Georgia Viaduct played an integral role in both his — and the movie's — success.

The Georgia Viaduct is a bridge in Vancouver that runs between Rogers Arena and B.C. Place — and it was also the filming location for many action shots in Deadpool.

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When Will Ferrell showed up on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Wednesday, he did not hold back his opinions on Ryan Reynolds' abs, Blake Lively's cooking and Canada's snap election in 2021.

Speaking to the show's host on November 10 — after switching places with Ryan Reynolds at the last minute — Ferrell attempted to speak about the Canadian's latest movie Red Notice, as well as a few other things.

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