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dim sum

A man who ate at 8,000 Chinese restaurants around the world has named the six best spots near Vancouver.

David R. Chan has eaten at thousands of Chinese restaurants and, believe it or not, he has travelled 20 countries to test different Chinese foods.

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In the city and craving some really good dim sum? Don't sweat it! You're surrounded by an array of awesome spots to grab dim sum, each restaurant having a different take on the traditional Chinese dish.

So grab a pair of chopsticks and tuck your napkin around your neck. With these awesome dim sum spots in Toronto, you'll surely have a mouth watering taste experience trying out these cool restaurants. 

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If your family is Chinese like mine, then you probably get dragged to dim sum every Saturday morning when really you just wanna be in bed. If your family isn't Chinese, you've still probably had dim sum on a Saturday morning because your friends brought you.

Though I'm sure you've had some pretty great dim sum (I mean you do live in Vancouver), you've never had dim sum like this before.

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Dim sum is a food most of us forget exists, however, it's f*cking delicious and so worth every bite. It has so much flavour, and there are so many different options to choose from!

Dim sum and dumplings go hand in hand. Dumplings are just a form of dim sum, but just as delicious. If you live for dim sum or you've never tried it, here are 11 places to get unreal dim sum in Ottawa.

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Désolée Toronto et Vancouver, mais Montréal, c'est where it's at quand il est question de bonnes bouffes! Notre ville, un melting pot de cultures diversifiées, nous offre des possibilités innombrables de restaurants avec des repas inspirés des quatre coins du monde.

Il y a des endroits dans le 514 où tu dois absolument aller manger au moins une fois. Ça dérange pas si tu as un petit budget ou t'es ballin... tout le monde y trouve son compte.

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