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The funeral industry has a pollution problem. It's also an industry that is slow to move on from tradition — especially when those traditions are the reason death is worth billions.

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New research has found that Canada comes in at an unenviable first place when it comes to a certain climate change category that we definitely don't want to lead in.

According to a report by 1.5 Degree Lifestyles, Canada has the highest average lifestyle carbon footprint out of all the countries analyzed.

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Did you know Canadians throw away three million tons of plastic waste every year and only 9% of it gets recycled? Whoa.

Composting food scraps and using reusable bags are basic steps in reducing waste, but there are other ways to make a positive impact at home. Shopping for sustainable alternatives that replace throwaway plastic items are small actions that could save you big money down the road.

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The Canadian MP who accidentally joined a meeting naked is receiving messages of support and well-wishes from Canadian politicians across the country.

MP William Amos, who represents the Quebec riding of Pontiac, described being “obviously” embarrassed on Wednesday, when he accidentally appeared on screen during a virtual House of Commons conference wearing no clothes.

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