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In the small town of Ignace, Ontario, there lies a peculiar, three-storey log house that has rather dark history.

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Forget an ice rink - nothing beats skating on a naturally frozen pond or lake in the wild outdoors. In Ontario, there are several spots that freeze up in the winter and allow for some good old-fashioned ice skating and pond hockey.

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This fall, Toronto is being blessed with summer-like weather and warm temperatures. But it's definitely not going to last long - this winter is supposedly going to be a brutal one, and it's approaching really quickly...

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Abandoned places can be creepy and beautiful at the same time. There's something fascinating about empty spaces - the state of each structures, the writings on the walls, and the remains left behind are like pieces of an untold story that take you on a journey to the past.

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Ontario is brimming with natural beauty. Although it isn't by the ocean like Vancouver is, it still has a lot of surreal features that we can fall in love with, and this provincial park has many of them

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