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Canada Post, FedEx and Purolator are all currently hiring for a variety of different jobs in B.C. Not only do some of these jobs actually sound fun, but they also offer up a decent hourly wage.

If you've been thinking about a career change or are just in need of making some extra cash, some of these careers may just catch your eye.

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The Toronto Police Service (TPS) is currently looking for two women who allegedly nicked some FedEx packages from a delivery van.

In a news release issued on July 28, officers reported the incident, which happened earlier this month on July 6 at around 5:40 p.m., when a FedEx employee was making some deliveries.

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It's that time of year and big courier companies are looking for help which means you can find so many FedEx, Purolator and Canada Post jobs to apply for including ones that pay way more than minimum wage.

With these positions that are available, the pay ranges from over $17 an hour to over $21 an hour and that's way higher than even the highest minimum wage in Canada which is $16 an hour in Nunavut as of November 2021.

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As the holiday season approaches, there are FedEx deadlines to be aware of if you want your packages to arrive before Christmas Day.

It's not one date fits all, though; FedEx's shipping deadlines are different depending on where you're sending packages to and how you're sending them.

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For the COVID-19 vaccines, Canada has now revealed that doses will be delivered to provinces by FedEx. 

During a press conference on December 4, it was announced by Anita Anand, Minister of Public Services and Procurement, that the company has been contracted to ship vaccines.

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