Costco has so many products that are cheaper than what you can find at grocery stores and you get more bang for your buck on everyday essentials.

With food prices set to go up more in 2023 and the biggest hikes expected for vegetable, bakery, dairy and meat products, people are spending a lot of money on groceries.

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The first job I ever had was as a cashier at a high-end grocery store.  When I first got hired I couldn't have been more excited.

That all changed the day a customer hit with a baguette.  Yes, I got hit with a loaf of bread. Mainly because the customer wanted my attention while she explained that she wanted her groceries bagged according to gluten and gluten-free items.  The moment that baguette crumbled on the sleeve of my puke-coloured button down, I knew that my job sucked.

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