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Not a lot of places have stood the test of time in Toronto. Sure, we've got a lot of heritage plaques nailed to buildings, but nothing so much along the lines of an entire district perfectly preserved. Well, with one exception.

The twisting lanes and cobbled streets of the Distillery District date back to the early 19th century. That's a long time ago.  But to this day it's still as relevant as ever and a popular spot to spend an afternoon.

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Did you know Mississauga is the 6th largest municipality in Canada? Neither did I. But it goes to show this city just won't stop growing.

Anybody who lived here knows that there are actually a few things to do - if you have a car. If not, you better have a good playlist on your smart phone because you'll be waiting at the bus stop for a long time.

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Catching a baseball game is one of those things that everybody in Toronto has to do at least once per season. Since the departure of the Expos, our very own Blue Jays are the final bastion of Major League Baseball in Canada.

With that being said, not a lot comes cheap in Toronto. The Rogers Centre, (or the Skydome if you know what you're talking about) may sweet talk you into buying inexpensive tickets... but it all goes downhill into overpriced food and merchandise the moment you step through the gate.

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The biggest theatre festival in the city begins on Canada Day.

The Toronto Fringe Festival is a 12 day experience showcasing aspiring local, national, and international artists. Coined after those on the "fringe" of the industry, the festival gives voice to the under-represented. Anybody can submit their work  and the decision is made by lottery. That means a lot of fun, quirky, and evocative theatre for everyone.

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The Mythbusters have landed at the Ontario Science Centre. If you love the television series and their wacky experiments, Mythbusters; The Explosive Exhibition should be marked on your calendar.

Starting this month until September 13th, you have the opportunity to seek out the answers to some of life's most important queries, such as, "Is it possible to make a canoe out of duct tape?"

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