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There’s no question about it: Toronto just does the holiday season right. Spontaneous hot chocolate dates, frosty walks and cozy meals enjoyed fireside — there are plenty of little ways to celebrate in this sparkling city.

This year, Destination Toronto wants you and your people to collect some magical experiences together. And that’s pretty easy to do in a place like the 6ix; something about the chilly time of year turns Toronto into a wonderland.

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Halloween just ended and while many of us are still trying to get through all the leftover candy, others are already preparing for Christmas. We're looking at you Mariah Carey!

That's right, the All I Want For Christmas singer isn't wasting any time getting into the holiday spirit.

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Good morning — Andrew from Narcity's Canada Morning Brief here. ☕

Off The Top: The death certificate for Queen Elizabeth II was released late last week, and — surprise! — the 96-year-old's official cause of death was that she was really, really old. Or that's what Buckingham Palace would have you believe, anyway; I smell a hit true crime podcast series.

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The holidays are quickly approaching and just over 50% of Ontarians say they won't be celebrating with anyone outside of their household this year.

A new Forum Research poll conducted on December 14 says residents of Ontario "are limiting the people they celebrate with" this holiday season.

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If you thought Seth Rogan recording announcements for the TTC was good, wait until you hear about Berlin's news edible public transit tickets.

BVG, Berlin's public transport operator, just launched a witty holiday promotional campaign that includes selling hemp-infused tickets that you can actually eat.

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