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I hold pride in my love for hummus. Honestly, I eat the chickpea dip quite often and it makes sense because I'm Arab — it is basically a staple in my diet.

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The opinions expressed in this article are the author's own and do not necessarily reflect the views of Narcity Media.

With the cost of groceries in Canada skyrocketing over the last year or so, I've been thinking about creative ways to save money, especially in the kitchen.

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On this episode of Good Bites Takeout, host Mahlet Yordanos orders in from The Hummussiah, run by self-proclaimed "Hummus Experts" and boasting the most authentic hummus in Toronto. 

After going home to the middle east for a year, owner Tom Levi was inspired to create an authentic experience utilizing the right ingredients and learning the secret processes that represent all parts of the middle east. 

The Order:
Chicken Shawarma Hummus Bowl | $15
Falafel Hummus Bowl | $13
Shakshuka Hummus Bowl | $14
Matbucha Fries | $8

For more information, check out The Hummussiah on Instagram.

Deliveries always make the day more exciting, especially when it's something delicious.

These Toronto food subscriptions will deliver boxes of treats to your door at least once a month.

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Whether they've been vegan for years or have just begun to dip their toes into this exciting culinary realm, many Canadians are increasingly looking for simple and delicious plant-based alternatives to add to their diet. As a fun, tasty, and versatile way to eat, it's also way more accessible than you might think. And when it comes to taste, there's zero need to sacrifice. 

With products like plant-based proteins and Hellmann's Vegan, adjusting to a vegan lifestyle can be pretty straightforward.

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