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Les soldes du Vendredi fou sont commencés et Apple a annoncé son événement de quatre jours qui débute le 25 novembre. Si jamais tu as envie de changer ton iPhone, ton MacBook, ou d'offrir un produit Apple comme cadeau de Noël, sache que tu peux recevoir une carte-cadeau allant jusqu'à 350 $ à l'achat d'un produit admissible, en magasin ou en ligne.

C'est simple, du 25 au 28 novembre, Apple t'offre un montant pouvant s'élever jusqu'à 70 $, 105 $ ou 350 $, selon les items que tu vas ajouter à ton panier. Mais ne te trompe pas, il n'y aura pas de rabais sur ta facture : la carte-cadeau reçue devra être utilisée pour un achat ultérieur.

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Remember when Apple got rid of the headphone jack and forced you to plug everything into your iPhone's lightning connector?

Well, that "wave of the future" is about to become the past, because Apple has agreed to change the plugs that you can use with its devices. Again.

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Attention iPhone users: we're finally getting an apology from Bono.

The U2 frontman just admitted that he went too far by getting Apple to push the band's Songs Of Innocence album out to all iTunes users, and it only took him eight years to acknowledge the mistake.

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If you have an Apple iPhone, iPad or Mac, you'll want to download the latest update as soon as possible.

The company is urging anyone with an Apple product to update it immediately, after two high-risk security vulnerabilities were spotted that could leave anyone open to hacker attacks.

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We were all a little upset when Apple replaced the iPhone's home button with a swipe-up function. There was nothing like pressing that little circle to get back to your home screen.

But did you know they've hidden another "button" on the back of the device?

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