Are you in search of new experiences? Why not look into these jobs for Canadians in Dubai, you know instead of the usual mass unloading of CVs back home.

Seriously, you should consider expanding your search to jobs in the United Arab Emirates, especially if the idea of working in a booming foreign city with a free Visa sponsorship intrigues you.

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You probably want to be making more money but you might not know how to negotiate a salary, promotion or raise once you've gotten a job offer or after you've started working in a new position.

So, recruiters and hiring managers are posting on TikTok about everything you need to know for negotiating your pay.

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Considering taking on a side hustle? You're not alone. A study by RBC revealed that 74% of Canadian small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs are being driven to invest in side hustles due to the rising cost of living. A shocking number that skyrockets to 84% among Gen Z respondents and 86% for Millennials.

With so many people looking for opportunities to rake in passive income, knowing where to start can be a headache. Enter Priscilla Hartman, an acclaimed accountant and bookkeeper from London, Ontario, who recently supplemented her income by investing in a fleet of vending machines.

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