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juno awards

Coming off the heels of his latest movie Barbie, Simu Liu is one of Canada's biggest stars of the year and now he's moving on to cheesier horizons.

Narcity sat down to chat with Liu about his new brand sponsorship with Cheetos and everything from vacation destinations and fame to the temptation to Google himself.

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Simu Liu has hosted The Junos for two years in a row now, but it seems he had to give up a very special Barbie-related bonding moment in order to make it to the 2022 show in Toronto.

The Canadian chatted with E! News about the group moment he missed out on.

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How well do you know your Canadian slang? We recently asked celebrities to translate popular Canuck words and phrases and some of the terms had them drawing blanks.

From "hanging a larry" to "bush party," it seems a few of Canada's unique phrases are, well, a little too unique for some of the attendees at the 2023 JUNOS in Edmonton.

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The 52nd JUNO Awards took the city of Edmonton by storm last week and in the spirit of getting into all things Canada, celebrities played the most Canadian game of "Never Have I Ever."

Narcity asked celebs including Arkells, Andrew Phung, Jessie Reyez, Nickelback, Aysanabee, Kirk Diamond, Kairo McLean, Finn and Preston Pablo to get involved and honestly, most of them passed with flying colours.

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JUNO award winner Jessie Reyez had a more eventful night than she'd planned when a huge wardrobe malfunction ended up with her needing to go to the hospital.

In an Instagram post, Reyez shared the scary moment when one of the rings she was wearing at the awards got stuck, causing her finger to swell up.

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