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Famous Montreal Chocolate Cafe "Cacao 70" was a grand slam the moment they opened. They littered our Instagram and Snapchat feeds and filled our hearts (with chocolate of course). They're far from finished though, as they continue to expand their chocolate empire. 

The East Coast-based chain is expanding with not one, not two, but three new locations in Vancouver. Not only that, but they'll be introducing two new concepts to these locations. 

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We've all been waiting for the new Buddhaful to open - it's been under construction for months. Maybe you didn't know a second location was opening! Well... surprise! There's a second location opening. That means double the smoothies, double the bowls and double the treats.

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When you think about it, night markets are the pinnacle dream of any food lover. You come hungry, leave happy, and if you're still hungry - you pass by McDonald's on your way home. What a time to be alive. The only downside, is that night markets can be rather distant for some people. The Richmond Night Market is nearly at the airport, and an hour-something commute each way. 

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Perhaps the biggest mystery on the North Shore, is what will amount from all the construction. The entire North Side of Park Royal has been submitted to construction for nearly a year.

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It’s a clear blessing to live or have lived in North Vancouver. The quiet, soft-spoken city embodies the outdoor lifestyle that Vancouverites love to brag about.

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