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marda loop

Every city has its hidden gems that locals try their best to keep secret. Maybe it's the best boutique in town, or the coolest Instagram photo-op in the entire city. For whatever reason, we want to keep these places to ourselves and protect them from the rest of the world. 

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Marda Loop is one of the most adorable areas in Calgary. It's super small and the perfect area to take walks and go on restaurant adventures. Basically the Stars Hollow of Calgary. What many don't know about Marda Loop is that there are an abundance of delicious restaurants and super cool coffee shops that everyone in Calgary just needs to eat at.

We've made a little list of a few amazing restaurants (and coffee shops!) in Marda Loop that it is truly crucial that every Calgarian foodie eats at. (Or even if you just love to take stellar Instagram pictures of food and cute places.) Trust me, these places are definitely worth the visit.

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