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The Lotto Max winning numbers for the November 25 draw are out now and a couple of Maxmillions have been won!

This Lotto Max draw is offering a $55 million jackpot along with four Maxmillions that are worth $1 million each, so check your tickets ASAP.

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If you decided to try your luck in this Tuesday's Lotto Max, it's time to get your tickets out and see if you scored big.

For the draw on November 22, there's a hefty jackpot of $50 million that could be all yours if you have all seven Lotto Max winning numbers. As well, there are two individual prizes of $1 million each available in Maxmillions!

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The Lotto Max winning numbers for the November 18 draw have been revealed, so get your tickets out!

With this draw, the Lotto Max jackpot is a massive $43 million which means we're so close to reaching $50 million and having Maxmillions available to be won again.

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As it turns out, not every email telling people they're the next "Lotto Max winner in Ontario" is just sketchy spam.

According to OLG, Richmond Hill resident Bin Bin Liu became $1 million richer after winning a Maxmillions prize in the September 9, 2022, Lotto Max draw.

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A Lotto Max winner in Canada recently proved you don't need to play the lottery constantly to win big — all you need is one good ticket!

Lottery winner Roger Clarke of Oakland, New Brunswick, recently won $1 million in a Lotto Max draw despite only "rarely" playing.

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