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  1. "Affordability" and "Florida" are not two words commonly seen in the same sentence, so it might come as a surprise that there are cheap places to live in the Sunshine State. Well, cheaper than others...

There's just one catch, the towns are so small, you've probably never heard of them.

When you think of the U.S. state, you might picture Fort Lauderdale and Miami beaches or even amusement parks in Orlando. Due to the tourist attractions and gorgeous locations, these cities have grown immensely, which means there's a bigger price tag to live there.

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Florida is one of the least affordable states in the U.S., and, now, Miami is one of the most expensive places to live a lavish lifestyle in the world!

It is a bit ironic that the most affordable flights nationally come from Florida airports, so it's cheap to get out of town.

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We've officially entered a world where a new wave of self-driving cars has hit the streets of popular U.S. cities, and they seem to be keeping up with the traffic.

Argo AI is the company that put these driverless cars to the test, and they started putting their own employees in the seats of the vehicle for a leisurely test drive this week.

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