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It looks like even the prime minister can’t resist Schitt’s Creek! Justin Trudeau took to social media to congratulate the show’s cast and crew after they won even more awards over the weekend and he gave Moira Rose a special shout-out.

In a Twitter message shared one day after the Golden Globes 2021 ceremony, the Canadian PM gushed about “the entire Schitt’s Creek team.”

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Leave it to fashionable Moira Rose to make Inauguration Day all about her. That's because Canada's favourite mom had even Jenny from the Block pulling inspiration from her.

Jennifer Lopez took the stage as a special guest performer for U.S President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris' inauguration into the White House but not before sporting a black and white checkered outfit that would have gotten the stamp of approval from the Schitt's Creek wardrobe team. 

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With November in full swing and Christmas on the horizon, some people are just realizing that Schitt's Creek's Moira Rose is Kevin’s mom in Home Alone.

In a tweet on Monday, November 16, the Canadian sitcom’s official page acknowledged that it is officially “that time of year” once again.

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The day has come and we're getting by with some Canadian humour. With the U.S. election, Canada is watching closely and the Schitt's Creek reactions are so on point. Moira Rose is basically all of us.

As part of the "as a Canadian" trend on Twitter, people have been using Moira Rose gifs in their tweets to show how they're feeling on election day.

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