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NDP leader Jagmeet Singh is calling on the federal government to help Canadians deal with inflation by giving them $1,000 to cover the cost of gas, groceries and rent.

In a video shared on Monday, June 27, the party leader spoke about inflation in Canada, which is currently at its highest rate since 1983.

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Three Ontario candidates dropped out of a debate in the Ottawa Valley on Wednesday after NDP candidate Kurt Stoll said organizers promoted conspiracy theories and attacks on marginalized communities.

On Saturday, May 21, Stoll said in a Facebook post that he was declining his invitation to the Renfrew—Nipissing—Pembroke district debate because the organizers, Action4Canada and the Ontario Landowners Association, hold views opposite of his party.

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The Ontario election campaign has officially kicked off as of May 4 and it could have many repercussions for Canadians inside and outside of the province.

After all, Ontario is the largest province by population and is the nation's economic and political hub, so things that happen there are bound to affect people across the rest of country.

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There has been a lot happening with Toronto's real estate lately.

From average home prices dropping last month to benchmark costs for condos shooting to the stars during the past year, homebuyers may be wondering what the future holds for the historically expensive real estate market in the 6ix.

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There has been a rise in concerns related to mental health across the country within the last two years, and the NDP wants to make sure residents can get the help they need.

Currently, the only coverage provided by OHIP to treat mental health issues is prescription medications for people under 25, treatment from psychiatrists that are referred by family doctors, and therapy services that are part of a family health team.

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